20 years already!

20 years ago, we created Airstar and launched the lighting baloon concept. Around this brilliant idea, a company and a network had to be created in order to promote the concept and keep an ear out for clients needs. Meanwhile we carried on with our products development aiming for the creation of a full range of lighting, sceneries and signalization solutions.

Airstar is still currently relying upon international development and innovation to move forwards. Those two themes are part of the company’s DNA. Indeed, Airstar started with an innovation and grew thanks to international development. The company keeps performing on every continent, finding the perfect fit for specific needs, taking up client’s challenges.

In 2013, Airstar comprises 22 offices distributed in 13 different countries, 2 production sites, one in Europe and the other in the United States but also 125 people working for the company from one or the other of those places. Up to now, this type of structure was unheard of for that size of a business. Could that be one more sign of innovation?

Benoit Beylier - CEO

History of Airstar

Airstar started in 1994 with only 2 employees, who immediately worked on the international markets, giving to the company one of its main distinctivenesses: the international vision and the open-minded attitude. Now, Airstar is represented by over 120 distributors and 13 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries all over the world. Definitively, Airstar is a network that never sleeps.

Thanks to the creativity and the visionary mind of our founder, the permanent awareness of markets needs and the colossal budget dedicated to R&D, Airstar has satisfied thousands of professionnal customers, whom several are the most requiring of their respective markets: James Cameron for the Titanic (Motion Picture Industry) who was the first big customer, and in any order, Audi, BMW, Disneyland Resorts, the US army, French firemen, Rescuers, Dior, Schneider, Quiksilver, etc...

From the shooting of the feature film Titanic, to the construction of the subway in Seoul, from the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Sydney, to the rescue at Ground Zero, Airstar balloons continue to be seen everywhere providing the necessary products for these types of major events.

Today the manufacturing headquarters have grown too; 42 employees are currently working in Champ près Froges close to Grenoble (38) in France. With more than 15 product ranges, its industrial production tool, the skills and knowledge of its co-workers and employees, Airstar is able to manufacture and distribute inflatable structures (mainly lighting balloons) perfectly fitting customers' needs all over the planet.

Airstar didn't satisfy with being a lighting manufacturer. Our aim has always been to provide products as good as possible. Only 10 months after its creation, Airstar received thanks to Pierre Chabert the award for technological innovation for its Lunix. 3 years later, the Motion Picture Industry as a whole recognized the contribution made by Airstar to their industry with the Cinec Award 1998. Pierre Chabert is on a regularly basis quoted as one of the main personnalities on Grenoble's industrial field. In 2001, he was elected personnality of the year by Intermedia event magazine for its contribution to the event industry. In 2003, the Motion Picture Industry recognized again that the introduction of the lighting balloon in the industry was a great progress and Airstar received an OSCAR Academy Award ® for " Innovation in the Film Industry ". In 2004, Siemens recognized Airstar as an innovative and quality company due to the introduction of a new balloon, the Pixocom. As a reward of 12 years of hard-working and innovation, Pierre Chabert was elected man of the year by the Press Club of Grenoble and Isere in 2006, confirming that Airstar can be recognized as a trustworthy company.

Now, there are still a lot of things to do. Being as close as we can to our customers and their needs, we are working to become the most reliable partner to achieve your goals of lighting, protecting, or whatever can be done with inflatables. We are continuing to create and develop products that are on the cutting edge of the technology, launching in the mean a new product every 5 months, constantly improving existing ones.

Airstar's know-how is unique. We are proud to manufacture not only products like lighting balloons, but turnkey offerings, bringing solutions to obstacles and problems faced by our industry-leading customers.